We devised the external consultancy (Outsourcing) as a working method to accompany, assist and advise on technical tasks, operational, and financial customs that our customers face daily, we strongly believe that working together will generate a synergy that would enhance and optimizes the processes of our customers.

From cost assessment for provisioning in different countries, to study pricing for products, this service includes all the tasks involved in the logistics chain of international business.

Our Outsourcing service includes Foreign Trade:

  • Advice for planning international operations.
  • Advice on exchange and international insurance.
  • Management of merchandise purchases abroad.
  • Analysis of options logistics (freight by air, sea, land and multimodal).
  • Negotiation and issuance of international insurance policies (single, floating, etc.).
  • Logistics coordination with plants, warehouses, port terminals and carriers.
  • Negotiations with banks and government agencies.
  • Customs clearance.
  • Preparation, analysis and optimization of import and export costs.

Trading in foreign trade is increasingly complex. Having a constantly updated strategic partner, with extensive experience and a solid structure, allows our customers to focus on the production and sale of their products abroad.